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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day Five - unconditional love

I think our family has been adopted by a gorgeous stray dog. He's been hanging out for a couple days now - and he's a beautiful brindle pit bull, which worried me only until I "met" him. Those huge brown eyes and a mouth full of kisses and he REALLY wants to play. His whole butt shakes when his tail wags. I'm not a fan of big dogs (my Dixie is only 8 pounds) but I'm thinking that if this keeps up we may not have a choice in the matter. There are no "lost dogs" in my area, but he looks cared for, so I haven't fed him, hoping he'd go back to his home, but he just keeps coming back. The neighbor thinks he's a throwaway. He loves us SO MUCH HE JUST CANT HELP IT WANNAPLAYWANNAPLAYWANNAPLAYIMMAGOODBOY.

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