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Friday, January 4, 2013

Day Four - giving a little something back to the world

There are no desks in their two schoolrooms yet. Just tarps over a dirt floor.
Today's joy is brought to you by my boss. She gave me a Christmas bonus this year and I was able to donate some of it so that others less fortunate than I am can learn to read and write and better themselves. I was blessed by being born into a country where I have many opportunities open to me, and I can work at a job in relative comfort and health. Many others are not as fortunate. If you'd like to participate in this joy, find a worthy cause and donate money, time, or resources. I guarantee you'll find many worthy causes needing help.
These kids soak up knowledge like a sponge. 

I donated to KAM Public School in India, where they invest in the children of poor and indigent castes through education and other outreach programs. They're just starting, so right now all funds are being routed through Truthseekers until they can get the paperwork filed for nonprofit status. Read more at and at the KAM public school web page here:

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